• 2001 space odissey

    Intro song from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 “2001 A Space Odissey”.

  • 24

    Intro theme from “24” TV show.

  • a team

    Opening theme from one of the most popular 80’s TV show.

  • acdc

    AC DC – Back in Black. 1980’s hit. Still rocking today!

  • addams family

    Intro song from 1964 “The Addams Family” show. Happy Halloween!

  • adventure time

    Intro song for Adventure Time TV Show!

  • ah ah ah

    You didn’t say the magic word! But… it’s a UNIX system!

  • ai seeu te pego

    Nossa Nossa… Michel Telo’s most known song… actually the only one known..

  • aku aku

    Old PS nostalgia! Aku Aku from Crash Bandicoot games!

  • an enemy

    Announcer sound of a kill in League of Legends PC videogame.

  • applause

    Congratulations! You did it well.

  • arrow in knee

    Well known quite from Skyrim gane. Also a nordic saying which means getting married.

  • back to the future

    Back to the Future fanfare from 1985 film.

  • bad to the bone

    I´m a bad boy!

  • badadipoopi

    Hahahah Peter speaking in Italian from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JhuOicPFZY

  • badger

    Badger, badger, badger, badger…. video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIyixC9NsLI

  • badumtss

    Also called Rimshot. The best Instant EVER! Good sound after a bad joke. Thanks to www.instantrimshot.com

  • balls of steel

    I’ve got balls of steel sound from Duke Nukem!

  • banana phone


  • barbra streissand

    Duck Sauce’s 2010 single. Here’s the lyrics: Barbara Streisand woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo

  • bazinga

    Sheldon Cooper quote from The Big Bang Theory sitcom. Thanks to www.CBS.com for creating this tv show. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfL4-C8OCys

  • beegees

    1. Raise your speakers 2. Press button 3. Walk EPICNESSESS.

  • bel air

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air opening song. 90s TV Show starring Will Smith as Will Smith!

  • bells

    Christmas time! Bells jingling sound efect!

  • bender ass

    Epic Bender’s quote from Futurama.

  • benny hill

    The famous Benny Hill song (Yakety Sax).

  • beverly hills

    OST Tune known from 1984 film “Beverly Hills Cop”

  • billy and mandy

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • bird is the word

    Surfin’ bird, by The Trashmen, the favourite song of Peter Griffin among time!

  • blaster

    Blaster Gun sound. Star Wars stuff!

  • bonnie tyler

    Bonnie Tyler’s song “Faster than the speed of light”.

  • boom headshot

    The famous Boom, headshot! sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsQFYceNZS8\

  • borderland

    Intro from Borderland game

  • braveheart

    Epic quote from Braveheart film!

  • burned

    Bender’s quote from Futurama. Everybody love bender. We too!

  • buzz lightyear

    Quote of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (Movies).

  • cafe con leche

    Our mayor Ana Botella at its best. From Madrid 2020 Olympic Games candidates.

  • call me maybe

    Carly Rae Jepsen single “Call me maybe” Hey! I just met you…

  • camera shutter

    Shutter release sound from an old camera.

  • cant touch this

    EPIC song! video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyEE0qpfeig

  • careless whisper

    George Michael’s hit “Careless Whisper” from 1984. He knows better than you how to conquer a lady!

  • carl

    Two llamas with hats. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZUPCB9533Y

  • censor beep

    Censoring buzz used in TV for years.

  • century fox

    Opening sequence from this film studio.

  • challenge accepted

    Barney accepts every challenge! 😉 From: How I met Your mother.

  • champions

    World known tune from Queen “We are the champions”

  • chan

    Suspense sound. Thanks to: www.instantschan.com

  • chan chan

    another suspense sound. Thanks to: www.instantchan.com

  • charlie unicorn

    Charlie The Unicorn flash series Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5im0Ssyyus

  • chewbacca

    Chewbacca sound from StarWars movies. A classic.

  • child crying

    Child crying! Totally annoying!

  • chocolate rain

    Tay Zonday moves away from the mic to breathe in.

  • circus

    “Entry Of The Gladiators” by Julius Fucik. Song mostly known by circus performances. Kinda troll title 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B0CyOAO8y0

  • circus afro

    Marty’s afro circus performance joke. From 2012 “Madagascar 3” film.

  • clock

    Christmas time! Old clock sound effect!

  • combo breaker

    C-C-C-Combobreaker from game Killer Instinct!

  • correct

    A sound for saying: You rock, dude, that’s correct 😀

  • counter strike

    Go go go! From: Counter Strike! 😀

  • courage cowardly dog

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • cow and chicken

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • creeper


  • crickets

    Crickets sound. After a bad joke. Found at www.instantcrickets.com

  • cs italy

    Epic song played in Counter-Strike map “cs_italy” The original song is from Luciano Pavarotti – E Il Sol Dell’anima.

  • cuek

    Duck sound! cuek cuek cuek!. From www.instantcuek.com

  • darth vader

    Darth Vader’s breathe.

  • delicius muffin

    It’s a delicious muffin!

  • demacia

    DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (SPIN SPIN SPIN) Garen’s shout from League of Legends (PC video game)

  • demacia lux

    Lux can also DEMACIAAAAA

  • developers

    Developers.. developers… developers!

  • dexter

    Everybody has a Dexter inside. Opening music from Dexter series.

  • dexter lab

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • die potato

    ASDF Movie quote http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYnsfV5N2n8#t=1m02s

  • digimon adventure

    Epic tune from our childhood! Digimon Tamers opening sound!

  • ding ding dong

    Ding ding dong! oh you touch my tralala http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbYtqAWDF2U

  • disney

    Song theme before any Disney film!

  • do a barrel roll

    This is Peppy. Do a barrel roll! (Press Z or R twice). Epic quote from Star Fox 64!

  • dogs out

    Epic phrase from Baha men song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He82NBjJqf8

  • doh

    Doh! Homer Simpson quote.mVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6GuEswXOXo

  • donkey kong jr

    8 bit tune from Donkey Kong Jr NES game!

  • dont worry be happy

    Bobby McFerrin gave to the world one of the most important piece of advice ever back in 1988.

  • dora

    Dora la exploradora: Spanish stuff. Double sense sentence from Dora’s show.

  • dragon ball

    One of the best known animes from all time.

  • drama

    Drama sound!. Thanks to www.dramabutton.com

  • dramatic

    That sound that will put a little dramatic note in your life!

  • drumroll

    Drumroll please, we’re presenting…. the DRUMROLL :O

  • ea games

    E..A.. Games: Challenge Everything (Fool everyone).

  • ea sports

    Quote from every EA sports game (FIFA, NFL, CURLING)!

  • ed edd eddy

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • emergency yodel

    uy yodelling. From www.emergencyyodel.com

  • epic

    An epic sound… Just press the button! ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT–CsBh5TM\

  • epic sax guy

    Epic performance of Sergei Stepanov from Moldavia!

  • es un ladron

    Spanish stuff: Homer & Skinner conversation at the museum entrance.

  • europe

    It’s the final countdown! Swedish group Europe hit.

  • evil laugh

    A random evil laugh for those epic lulz moments of secret and evil stuff >:3

  • excellent

    Mr. Burns finds this instant Excellent.

  • exorcist

    From 1973’s The Exorcist. One of the best horror films ever!

  • eye of the tiger

    Motivation music from Rocky films.

  • falcon punch

    FalconPunch!!! If you hear this, you might be dead soon. From F-zero anime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFtw7qW7Vcw

  • family guy fart match

    Just wait for the 15”

  • fatality

    Sound from Mortal Kombat.

  • finish him

    Finish Him!, sound from Mortal Kombat , where you were able to do an epic fatality to your opponent

  • fire in the hole

    Counter-Strike (PC videogame) radio communication. Grenade about to explode!

  • fly you fools

    Gandalf’s advice in Lord Of The Rings.

  • foster imaginary friends

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • free falling

    Tom Petty’s song “Free Falling”.

  • friends

    Tune from 90s TV show “Friends”.

  • fringe

    Retro opening from one of the most famous TV shows at the moment.

  • fuck off

    A little part of a video created by Lechero Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HIMcYPBfWk\.

  • full monty

    Striptease sound… striptease tiem!

  • fus ro dah

    Epic Meme from Skyrim PC videogame! http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/fus-ro-dah

  • futurama

    Futurama! 😀

  • gaaaay

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! from comunity TV show.

  • game of thrones

    Winter is coming! Opening theme from Game of Thrones TV Show!

  • gamecube intro

    ニンテンドーゲームキューブ Nintendō GēmuKyūbu console, released in 2002. Still used by old school Super Smash Bros players!

  • gangnam style


  • gangsta rap nigga

    Music meme from Internet.

  • garbage truck

    Garbage truck backing up, stay away!

  • gentleman

    2nd hit from PSY. Not as good as Gangnam Style but…

  • ghost buster

    “Who ya gonna call?” Epic TV Theme from the 80’s.

  • godzilla

    Godzilla roar from 1998 film.

  • gol de senyor

    Spanish stuff. Epic goal from Señor (2) in Malta – Spain match.

  • gong

    Gong… It really needs an explanation?

  • got the power

    Snap song “I’ve got the power!”

  • gryffindor

    The Sorting Hat’s yell from Harry Potter movies.

  • guile theme

    Goes with everything

  • ha ha

    Nelson quote of The Simpson. Punch! HA-HA!

  • hadouken

    Ryu’s quote from Street Figther: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvOI4hGqyN0

  • hakuna matata

    Hakuna Matata! An epic song from The Lion King movie ^^

  • hallelujah long

    HAAAAALLELUJAH!!!. Recopiled from www.instanthallelujah.com

  • hallelujah short

    HAAAAALLELUJAH!!!. Recopiled from www.instanthallelujah.com

  • halloween

    Halloween Theme Song!

  • harlem shake


  • harry potter

    Hedwig’s theme. Or leitmotive from Harry Potter’s films.

  • hasta la vista baby

    Scene from Terminator 2 (Movie).

  • headcrab

    Half-Life headcrab about to jump!

  • hello nurse

    Animaniacs saluting the hot nurse!

  • heres johnny

    Probably the best scene in “The Shining”

  • hey apple

    The annoying orange at its best . From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN5PoW7_kdA

  • hobbits

    Legolas says they’re taking the hobbits to isengard!

  • hodor hodor

    HODOOOOORRRR from Game of Thrones

  • hohoho

    Christmas time! Old Santa laughing effect!

  • holy shit

    holy shit! Sound from Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament games.

  • homer bocadillo

    Spanish Stuff An epic Homer’s quote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPTSk7jFkRQ

  • homer head

    Homer Simpson’s sound which plays when he pays attention to his children!

  • house

    Everybody lies. House (Hugh Laurie) most famous quote from his TV show.

  • humiliation

    Unreal Tournament sound ( PC Video Game ). Also known in Counter-Strike modded servers.

  • i have no idea


  • i kill you

    Ahmed demands you to keep silence! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uwOL4rB-go

  • i like trains

    Sure he does… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKB4h9gvmm0

  • iam your father

    Darth Vader shows Luke who’s his daddy.

  • ill be back

    Terminator most known phrase from 1984 “Terminator” film.

  • im batman

    You get it?

  • in the mood

    Glenn Miller most known song.

  • inception

    WROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAM. Sound from Inception, the movie.

  • incorrect

    MEEEC. Typical sound.

  • indiana jones

    Leitmotive from an epic adventure film starring Harrison Ford!

  • inet is for porn

    Everybody knows that the Internet is for pr0n. A video from Avenue Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-TA57L0kuc\

  • inspector gadget

    Forward gadget-umbrella! Theme from Inspector Gadget (Cartoons)

  • its a trap

    General Ackbar quote from StarWars movies. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dddAi8FF3F.

  • its leviosa

    Hermione corrects Ron while she pronunciates the “Wingardium Leviosa”.

  • jabba

    Jabba’s laught from Star Wars movie.

  • jack box

    Jack in the box sound from our childhood.

  • james bond

    Epic movie-intro.

  • jaws

    Shark theme from Steven Spielberg “Jaws” film.

  • jetsons

    Classy sound effect from Jetsons TV show in the 60s.

  • jiggi

    Banjo Kazooie jigsaw piece!

  • jigglypuff

    This adorable Pokémon sings a song that numbs us all.

  • jingle bells

    Christmas time! Tipical jingle from christmas!

  • johnny bravo

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • jungle

    Epic song from our childhood.

  • jurassic park satellite phone

    Satellite phone stuck in cr*p at Jurassic Park III film.

  • kamehameha

    Goku’s kame-hame-ha sound from Dragon Ball.

  • keyboard cat

    Awww… so adorable :3 http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/keyboard-cat\” target=\

  • khann

    Sound from Star Trek II movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRnSnfiUI54\

  • kill bill

    Famous whistle from Kill Bill movies.

  • kill bill fight

    Iron Side by Quincy Jones. Or Kill Bill fight scene 🙂

  • kirby invincibility

    Because Mario’s not the one who can have an invincible mode! Epic kirby motivation time!

  • kitt

    Epic sound from the car of Knight Rider TV series.

  • lalalala


  • law and order

    Opening sound from Law & Order TV Show.

  • lazor

    Imma firin’ mah lazor! From Dragon Ball.

  • leeeeroy

    A guy playing World Of Warcraft http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkCNJRfSZBU\

  • legendary

    Legen (wait for it) DARY! Barney Stinson’s favourite phrase.

  • let the bodies

    Drowning Pool song “Bodies”.

  • leviosaah

    Ron STAHP!

  • light saber

    Switch on sound in Star Wars lightsabers.

  • light sabers fight

    Lightsaber duel!

  • like a boss

    Lonely island feels LIKE A BOSS!

  • loituma

    Famous flash of all time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC6nvOlOm7w

  • look at my horse

    My horse is amazing! Flash animation from 2009 featured in Weebls-stuff. Pretty viral.

  • looney toons

    That’s all folks! From Looney Toons show.

  • lost smoke

    Smoke’s sound from JJ Abrams’s show “Lost”.

  • luigi mamma mia

    Mamma miaaaaaaa!

  • mac startup

    Apple’s MAC startup sound!

  • macarena

    EEEEEEEEH MACARENA!!!! AAAUH!!!! Epic song of all time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN62PAKoBfE

  • madagascar

    I like to move it move it, you like to, MOVE IT!

  • mario

    Hey, It’s-a me! Mario!!1!

  • mario 1up

    Ouh yeah! I got a new life!

  • mario coin

    More coins, I need more coins to get an extra life.

  • mario fanfare

    Level finished in a Super Mario gane.

  • mario invincible

    The best power-up at Mario’s world 🙂

  • mario lose

    GG. WP.

  • mario underground

    Song played when playing the dungeon maps in Super Mario Bros!

  • mc gyver

    TV Theme of another epic 80’s TV show!

  • medic

    Heavy’s yell for some heal! From TeamFortress2 PC videogame.

  • merry christmas

    Christmas time! Instantsfun wish you a merry christmas!

  • metal gear alert

    Snake, somebody saw you. Please, stay away from your enemies next time… *facepalm*

  • metal gear call

    tirititi! tiriti.. snake? snake!?

  • metal gear mantis

    Ost from Metal Gear Solid videogame. Mantis vs Snake.

  • metal gear snake

    Game over sound from metal gear solid.

  • metro goldwyn lion

    The most famous lion in the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVEflECtfBM

  • metroid

    Your favorite bounty hunter! From Metroid Prime (Videogame)

  • mine

    MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! From seagulls of Finding Nemo (movie).

  • misfits

    Opening of one of the most famous british TV shows.

  • mission imposible

    Epic soundtrack from Mission: Impossible film.

  • mjowww

    Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal shout.

  • mlb

    A classic sound in basketball, baseball and american football matches.

  • money money

    Killing Floor sound. Who needed money?

  • monster kill

    Mo..mo..mo..mo..mo..monster kill..kill..kill…. Sound from

  • mortal kombat

    Theme song from the epic fighting videogame Mortal Kombat. FATALITY

  • movie record

    Spanish stuff: Intro from spanish cinema distributor “Movierecord” which is shown before every film.

  • mr grinch

    Mr. Grinch’s song from the film!

  • mrbison yes

    Quote from Mr. Bison. YESSSS!!!! YESSSSS!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0j0lO7uQBo

  • msn

    Annoying buzz from MSN incoming messages.

  • muppets

    Mah nah manah! Song from The Muppet’s Show.

  • murloc

    Sound of a Murloc from World of Warcraft (WoW)

  • my precious

    My precioooooooooooooous! 😀 Quote of Gollum ( The Lord Of The Rings Movies)

  • napalm

    1979 Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” quote. One of the most amazing quotes from this amazing film!

  • narwhals

    Narwhals, narwhals swimming in the ocean… video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwqXuMPsoc

  • nazgul scream

    Nazgûl yell from Lord Of The Rings movies.

  • nein nein

    Hitler denies being defeat at WWII!

  • nespresso

    George Clooney’s quote from Nespresso Ad.

  • ninja turtles

    90s Tv show featuring Renaissance artists fighting against evil!

  • nirvana

    “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. One of the most known guitar riffs from the 90s.

  • nokia 3310

    This sound is so epic it published by itself in the site!

  • nom nom nom

    Om nom nom! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMWi7CLoZ2Q

  • norman green

    baum: Norman Greenbaum known riff from “Spirit in the Sky”.

  • nuclear alarm

    Civilian nuclear alert alarm.

  • nuclear launch

    Starcraft stuff: Everybody search the red spot before the boom!

  • nyancat

    Epic 8bit flying through the space Video: http://nyan.cat/

  • objection

    Quote from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Videogame) http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/objection–2#.TewAqVvEh8E

  • ohmmm

    Relax. Thanks to www.instantom.com

  • ole ole

    Support cheer! (Soccer Anthem)

  • omnomnom

    Cookie monster at it’s best.

  • one missed call

    Ringtone from the japanese film “One Missed Call”.

  • oompa loompa

    They will work for chocolate! (From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie)

  • over 9000

    It’s over 9000! Sound from Dragon Ball and a meme in Internet!

  • pacman death

    Death sound in Pacman videogame!

  • peanut jelly

    It’s peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time (8) video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8MDNFaGfT4

  • penny

    A funny clip of sound from The Big Bang Theory TV show.

  • pentakee

    Pentakeee yell at Guardsman Bob’s pentakill with Hecarim at League of Legends videogame.

  • pentakill

    You are awesome! Sound from League of legends videogame.

  • phone ring


  • piece of candy

    Oh! Piece of candy! Oh! Piece of candy! OUCH! Scene from Family guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbZAofv571w

  • pikachu


  • pingu mec mec

    Pingu’s well known sound Mec Mec!

  • playstation 1

    Startup sound of 1995’s PSX.

  • po pi po

    The world’s most famous hologram http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMtzNv7pqfA

  • pokemon

    I know its my destiny!Pokemon!

  • pokemon battle

    Pokémon theme at trainer battles.

  • pokemon heal

    Thanks for healing my Pokemons ^^

  • pop corn

    1969 electronic song which provides epicness nowadays.

  • porque

    Real Former Madrid coach wonders “Why?”.

  • porque no te callas

    Spanish stuff! King of Spain’s quote.

  • portal gun

    Portal being opened in Portal games (Portalception).

  • portal turret

    She doesn’t hate you 🙂

  • portal turret opera

    Portal 2 song at the end of the game. Pretty awesome!

  • portal turret salute

    Portal turret salutes you!

  • potato eat

    A strange quote from Death Note anime

  • power rangers

    One of the most famous sounds of one of the most famous 80’s TV show.

  • powerpuff girls

    One of Cartoon Network’s best show. Remembering the old times!

  • predator

    Predator sound effect from 2004 “Alien vs Predator” film.

  • ps3 trophy

    Sound effect when you get a trophy playing a PS3 videogame. Special thanks to Larger.

  • psycho

    1960’s Alfred Hitchcock “Psycho” One of the best films ever. And one of the most known film sounds eve.

  • puddi puddi

    Giga Pudding Meme! http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/giga-pudding-puddi-puddi#.TdmZIFvEhf8

  • pulp fiction

    Jules recites Ezequiel 25:17 before striking Brett with the power of god, his gun and one of the best Tarantino films.

  • r2d2

    R2D2 from Star Wars.

  • rabbids

    Rayman Raving Rabbids yell sound (Multiplatform Videogame).

  • raining men

    Weather girls total hit “It’s raining men”.

  • ralph

    One of his most famous phrases.

  • rock you

    Buddy you’re a boy make a big “instant” Playin’ in the “internet” gonna be a big “lulz” some day. Another epic Queen song.

  • rodolfo

    Spanish stuff: Well known christmas sound to say goodbye to this 2011!

  • roger roger

    “Roger roger” Droid’s quote from Star Wars movies.

  • roggan

    Age of Empires epicness inside a button!

  • rumble

    Let’s Get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Quote from Michael Buffer (American professional ring announcer for boxing and professional wrestling matches).

  • sad trombone

    Sad sound when someone FAILS. From www.sadtrombone.com

  • sad tuba

    Sad sound 🙁 snif snif. From www.sadtuba.com

  • sailor moon

    Opening song from Sailor Moon TV Show!

  • saw

    Opening tune from 2004 “Saw” film.

  • sc terran

    When you hear this sound you should have, at least, 15vce’s 5 marines and a tank.

  • sega

    SEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAAA (For Sega MegaDrive Lovers).

  • sexy and knowit

    LMFAO isn’t afraid to show it!

  • shhh ahhh

    In this page, we love Peter Griffin. Do you love him? So press the button to listen to his famous Shh! Ahh!!

  • shoryuken

    Right. Down. RightDown. Punch! SHORYUKEN!!!! (From Street Fighter games).

  • shotgun

    “Metal Slug” sound effect when picking a shotgun.

  • shut up

    From Smosh guys! www.smosh.com. SHUT UP!

  • simons cat

    Opening sound from Simon’s Cat youtube animations!

  • sims achievement

    Sound effect from the game “The Sims” from Maxis (Electronic Arts). You have raised one point in Logic.

  • sims win

    Sound effect from “The Sims” videogame when you got a promotion.

  • sinsajo

    The Hunger Games: 3… NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!

  • sixty foar

    Kid yells as he recieves his brand new N64!

  • skull kid

    Skullkid laugh from Zelda Majora’s Mask videogame.

  • skyrim

    We used to play epic sounds from skyrim… but then we took an arrow to the knee.

  • slender

    Slenderman is coming! From slender videogames.

  • soft kitty

    Sheldon’s song from his childhood.

  • sonar

    Sound Navigation And Ranging stuff here.

  • sonic invincible

    Song from Sonic: The Hedgehog (Sega Mega Drive videogame).

  • spanish flea

    Best known by Herb Alpert. 60s tune and also appears in some episodes of “The Simpsons”

  • spider pig

    Song from The Simpson movie!

  • spongebob

    Opening sound from Spongebob Squarepants TV show.

  • star wars

    The emperor is coming … The Imperial March.

  • star wars cantina

    Tatooine’s cantina theme which sounds over and over…

  • star wars end

    End music from Star Wars movies

  • star wars i love you

    Love statement from Star Wars.

  • star wars intro

    Intro music from Star Wars movies.

  • star wars noooo

    Darth vader quote from StarWars movie. Thanks to www.nooooooooooooooo.com

  • star wars xwing

    Xwing sound from Star Wars movies.

  • stewie tuba

    Sound played by Stewie while he chases fat people!

  • still alive

    Glad0s ending song for “P0rtal” videogame.

  • strong punch

    DBZ strong punch is over 9000 power!

  • suit up

    Barney Stinson’s best advice!

  • super meat boy

    Announcement of Super Meat Boy game. Responsible of smashing tons of keyboards

  • super smash bros

    I will choose Kirby. You will lose

  • superman

    Song from Superman films with Clark Kent kryptonite and stuff!

  • swanee

    Swanee whistle. I do not know. From www.swaneewhistle.com

  • swat

    Famous tv tune from 70s.

  • tada

    Be an ironic person. Put a Ta-da in your life!

  • tank

    TA TA TAAAAAANKKKKKKK! Quote from Left 4 dead (Videogame).

  • tarzan

    Tarzan yell, the lord of the Jungle.

  • tbbt intro

    Opening sound from CBS’s The Big Bang Theory show.

  • team fortress2

    Sound from Team fortress (video game).

  • team rocket

    Team Rocket slogan from Pokemon (Anime series).

  • tekken get ready

    Announcer sound before a fight in Tekken 6 Videogame.

  • terminator2


  • tetris

    No words needed to explain this.

  • tf2 behind you

    Spy’s Quote. From Team Fortress 2 PC videogame.

  • tf2 fanfare

    Team Fortress 2 opening fanfare from “Meet the – ” videos.

  • tf2 kaboom

    “Team Fortress 2” sound effect from demoman.

  • tf2 pyro

    Pyro’s quote from Team Fortress 2 PC videogame.

  • that 70 show

    Opening sound from “That 70s Show” (on air between 1996-2006).

  • the big bang theory

    ROCK,PAPER,SCISSORS,LIZARD,SPOCK! From The Big Bang Theory TV series.

  • the flinstones

    1960s TV Animation Show. YABADABADOOOOOO!

  • the lord of the rings

    Theme song to provoke epicness and motivation!

  • the sims tv

    Sound from TV’s while playing “The Sims”.

  • this is sparta

    This is Sparta! from 300 movie.

  • throw cheese

    THRRRROOOWWWWW THE CHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSEEE!!! A joke from ASDFMOVIE 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYNdUM2gRsg

  • thx sound

    THX Sound: George Lucas wants to blow out your ears!

  • toasty

    Hilarious sound effect. An easter egg from Mortal Kombat as Dan Forden shouts “Toasty!”

  • topgun

    “Son, your ego is writing cheques your body can’t cash” The song is Danger Zone from 1986 “Top Gun” film.

  • transformation

    Autobot’s transformation sound form Tranforsmers film!

  • troll

    Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone quote when the troll appears.

  • trolololol

    The known as Russian Rickroll. Maybe Knowyourmeme will explain this better than us http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/trololo-edward-hill-russian-rickroll\

  • tumbleweed

    Somebody has just told you a very bad joke? Then, give him a tumbleweed

  • universal

    Quickly than the film begins! 😀

  • victory ff

    Victory fanfare from Final Fantasy VII.

  • vuvuzela

    annoyying sound too known from 2010 FIFA World Cup.

  • waka waka

    PacMan Eating!

  • walle

    Wall-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! From Disney movie.

  • warcraft2 sheep

    For those who love to explode sheep at Warcraft II (PC videogame).

  • was that sarcasm

    Sheldon reaaaaaaly asks if that statement was sarcasm. From The Big Bang Theory Series.

  • wazzup

    WAZZZZZZZZZUPPPPPPPPPP, AHHHH, WAZZZZUPPP! Epic TV ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tauYnVE6ykU

  • wc

    WC flush sound effect !

  • we wish you

    We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

  • western

    Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo. The most famous spaguetti western film ever!

  • what is love

    Song from A Night at the Roxbury movie and Saturday Night Live “Roxbury Guys” sketches.

  • whats this

    “The Nightmare Before Christmas” tune. Happy new year!

  • where is perry

    Phineas question at every episode.

  • whos that pokemon

    IT’S PIKACHU!!!!!

  • whos your daddy

    Barney asks Honey (Katy Perry) who’s his daddy at How I Met Your Mother TV show.

  • wilhelm scream

    The famous Wilhelm Scream. This sound can be found in a huge list of films

  • windows stop

    Whoops! Fatal error on Windows OS.

  • windows95

    Startup sound from Windows 95.

  • windows98

    Epic startup sound for Windows 98.

  • winter is coming

    Brace yourselves! From HBO’s Game of Thrones show.

  • wololo

    Wololo sound from Age of Empires II

  • wombo combo


  • woody woodpecker

    Hehehehe! Hehehhe! Hehehehehehe!

  • worms bye bye

    Famous quote from Worms Armaggedon ( PC videogame).

  • wrong

    A sound for saying: You’re doing it wrong.

  • wryyy

    FULL EPIC POWER SLAM WITH STEAMROLLER! Quote from Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure arcade game) http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/za-warudowryyyyy#.TeQrpFvEhf8

  • wtf boom

    Pi Pi Pi! What the Fuuuuu BOOM!!!!! An internet meme!! http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/wtf-boom#.Tdmf41vEhf8

  • wubwubwubwub


  • xfiles

    The truth is out there…

  • ya tu sabe

    You know nothing Jon Snow!

  • yabba dabba doo

    Quote of Fred Flintstone! (The Flintstones movie).

  • yata

    Hiro Nakamura’s best ice-breaking phrase from Heroes.

  • yeah science

    Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) epic yell, just behind b*tch!

  • yeahhh

    Epic sound from CSI: Miami tv show. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-LZWMc-OEY

  • yoda

    Awesome Yoda’s quote.

  • you are pirate

    Song from TV shown , LazyTown. Limewire version: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUe-Ebe8dWU\

  • you killed kenny

    Most famous quote from South Park TV Series.

  • you met ted

    Barney’s most known wingman hook up phrase. From How I Met Your Mother TV show.

  • you shall not pass

    Gandalf forbids you to pass!! (The Lord Of The Rings)

  • you talking to me

    Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro) most famous quote from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (1976).

  • your profession

    Leonidas asks his soldiers what is their profession. Epic answer.

  • zas

    Spanish stuff An epic sound from spanish version of Family Guy.

  • zasca

    Spanish stuff Zasca sound from Berto Romero (famous humorist working at Buenafuente’s program)

  • zelda hey listen

    Navi wants your attention! From Zelda (Nintendo 64 videogame).

  • zelda item

    The sound of Zelda played when you found an item.

  • zelda lullaby

    ZzzzZZZzzzZzzzz Wake up Link!

  • zelda secret

    The sound of Zelda played when you found a secret.

  • zoidberg woop

    Zoidberg’s quote from Futurama (Cartoons).